Property Values: Custom Built vs Standard Homes

There can be indecisive thoughts when it comes to having a custom home built compared to buying a standard home. At Forest St. Builders, we want to help you make your dream home a reality! So if you are thinking about creating a custom home in Denver from the best contractors in the area, look no further. Dive into the pros and cons of custom built homes and standard homes. Contact us with any questions you may have about creating your new home.

blueprint for house

Custom Built Cons

When looking at custom builds, there is more money being put into the construction process to make it your own. Since it isn’t a pre-designed layout, there will be many iterations of the design throughout the process and it takes more time to build to ensure it is accurate.

color swatches for house

Custom Built Pros

Although it takes more money to build and has a longer timeframe, every detail is completely customized to make your home’s personality shine! The more money that you put into your home, the more your property value will increase from the start of the process to the end.

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Standard Home Pros

Standard homes are typically already built or are in the process of being built so the timeframe of moving into the home can be faster. Standard homes are typically less expensive than building your perfect home.

similar houses

Standard Home Cons

Standard homes are already predetermined and could look exactly the same as other homes in your neighborhood. Typically, there isn’t a lot of additional building space available around these homes and it can be a hassle trying to figure out what needs to be remodeled to increase property value.

Here at Forest St. Builders, we strive to make your custom home unique while staying cost-efficient. Our new constructions contractors in Denver can help renovate your current home to help make it your own and increase your current property value. Regardless of what type of project your home needs, we are here to make your home personalized while adding value. Contact us today with your next home project!

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