Trendy vs. Timeless — How to Strike a Balance

If you’ve made the decision to work with residential contractors on a custom home, chances are that you’re thinking through everything your home will need. You may be torn between opting for something trendy or choosing to go for a look that’s more timeless. The truth is that it’s often best if you can strike a balance. At Forest St. Builders, we’re here to help! Learn more below, then contact us today to request a quote for your custom home.

timeless front porch

Why Choose Timeless?

There’s something incredibly appealing about opting to design your home in a way that’s stood the test of time. While some things fall out of fashion, other design elements remain staples that people continue to appreciate to this day. Opting for a timeless style means having less to worry about in the future.

trendy living space

Why Choose Trendy?

Just because timeless options hold up for long periods of time doesn’t mean you should overlook trends entirely. After all, past trends are now timeless, and only time will tell what stays fashionable in the future. Our advice is to do what you like, and incorporating some trends into your home can help keep things feeling fresh.

trendy and timeless mud room

Finding the Right Balance

For many, the balance between timeless and trendy is incredibly personal. In other words, whereas some may prefer to keep all design elements of their home timeless and decorate with trendy items, others would rather have the latest and greatest front and center in their home. Because it’s such a personal decision, working with a custom home builder is crucial.

custom home being framed

We’re the New Home Builders You Can Trust

Ultimately, every home is different, and that’s a great thing! At Forest St. Builders, we strive to provide our clients with new home builds they’ll love for many years to come. As residential contractors, we’ve seen it all, and we know just how important it is to work with a team that offers comprehensive services. This ensures that everything comes together wonderfully.

Need help deciding whether to lean trendy or timeless? We also offer design services, ensuring that no matter your specific needs or preferences, you end up with a home that’s perfect for you. Have a question? Ready to get an estimate? Contact us today!