4 Of The Latest Custom Home Architecture Trends

If you are thinking about building a custom home, you need to stay on top of the latest architecture and design trends for inspiration. Are you looking for the best custom home builders Denver has to offer? Read on to learn about four of the latest custom home architecture trends, and get in touch with Forest St. Builders to schedule a consultation!

industrial looking kitchen

Industrial Style

Are you looking for a unique and interesting way to design your home? In the most fundamental sense, industrial design architecture focuses on incorporating and highlighting building materials into the design of a home. Builders use reclaimed wood, iron, concrete, brick, exposed rafters, and other industrial materials to create a raw, casual atmosphere that can be easily customized to fit the tastes of the homeowner. Industrial design has proven that functional fixtures that are usually hidden such as piping and ductwork can become important architectural elements within a space.

family room

Smart Homes

In our increasingly digital world, it’s no surprise that technology has become the driving force behind one of the latest custom home architecture trends. Smart home technology allows you to automate an increasingly wide range of home functions from lights, heating, and air conditioning, to curtains and blinds, locks, security cameras, alarm systems, and more. While smart home technology can be installed in most existing homes, building new homes that are optimized for smart home technology is becoming common practice for custom home builders in Denver.

open room with door

Open & Multipurpose Spaces

Open concept homes are all the rage these days and for good reason. By reducing the use of walls to separate different areas of the home, this architectural trend produces sprawling, airy living spaces that are flooded with natural light. Homeowners appreciate open-concept architecture because it creates a more interconnected space and a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can work, relax, and entertain with ease.

minimalist kitchen

Minimalist Interiors

Homeowners are becoming increasingly drawn to minimalist interiors that lend an air of elegance and sophistication to their homes. Minimalist design flies in the face of cluttered and unsightly spaces by using neutral color palettes and natural light to create calming, productive environments. Minimalist interiors are designed to put your mind at ease while highlighting the most attractive furnishings in your home. If you’re a fan of designer furniture or artwork, minimalist interiors can help you display them in their best light.

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