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Forest St. Builders’ promise is to meet and then exceed all your needs and requests throughout the process of your custom home build. We have years of experience to bring to the table, making custom residential construction projects come to life quicker and more efficiently than anyone else around.

Whether you’re looking to build from the ground up, renovate your home, or even just add to your existing home, Forest St. Builders works with you every step of the way to ensure that your dream is realized. No build is too big or too complex, and no dream is too much of a reach. We’re just as capable of manufacturing a stylish steel staircase for a small home improvement as we are building a house from the ground up, and just as dedicated to giving remodels or additions the same love that our custom builds get! Give us a call with your craziest ideas, and we’ll help you turn it into something as close to your vision as is physically possible!


For the Best in the Business, Call Forest St. Builders

Forest St. Builders are one of Denver’s most trusted teams of home contractors, and specialize in making sure that your dream house is completed as quickly as possible without cutting corners, sacrificing quality, or inflating the cost of the work.

We can help with projects such as:

  • New home builds

  • Home remodeling

  • Home additions

  • Finishing basements

  • Concrete/flatwork

  • Framing

  • Drywall

  • And much more!

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New Home Builds

Builder your Denver home from the ground up with our residential property contractors. Forest St Builders excels at new home construction.



Reinvigorate your property and bring your vision to life with our home remodeling services. Discuss your dream home with our renovation team!



Residential home additions can expand your living space and open up nearly unlimited opportunities. Get started today!



Finish your basement and create an ideal addition to your Colorado home. Our construction pros are ready to expand your space.

New Home Builds

Forest St. Builders’ bread and butter service is new home builds. Our team can take your crazy ideas and make them come to life, delivering unique, one-of-a-kind homes that are built to your exact specifications. A custom-built home is a great way to show off your style and personality to those passing by, or to have complete creative control over the space you live and work in.

What do you want most in your home? A creative, intriguing way to show off your belongings? A home created to be your long-term abode, with adaptations like wheelchair-accessible entrances and widened doorways to ensure your home will remain comfortable no matter what life may throw at you? Or maybe you need a house with a detached apartment for family who will be sharing space with you. Whatever you need from your house, the expert team at Forest St. Builders can help you create the perfect home for you and yours!

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Whether your home is old and desperately in need of repairs or you’re just looking to change up your living space, Forest St. Builders excel at making the most run-down home into something cozy and comfortable, or the most mundane home into a work of art! Looking for ideas on how to spruce up your home? Look no further than our Gallery to get an idea of work we’ve done, and to inspire an idea or two of your own! Feel like you need change, but don’t know quite how you want it to look? Don’t worry about it! Sit down with us, and we can walk you through your options and help you decide what will suit your tastes and interests the best.

Our all-in-one services mean you don’t have to worry about hiring a different contractor for each and every part of your remodel, which can drastically drive up prices — and the amount of time it takes to finish the project!

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Whether you’re adding an enclosed mudroom, a back porch, or even an entire additional room to your home, there’s no reason to hire anyone but Forest St. Builders. This is also the best way to add vital accommodations to an existing home, should you come to require that a ramp or other important accessibility feature be added to the property. We’re perfectly equipped to match your home’s existing aesthetic, or package our home additions with our remodeling service and make your home look entirely new!

This is the best option for those who like their house’s current look and feel, but don’t have enough space as their family grows or sees additional people move in.

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Finish Your Basement

Not all basements are created equal, and if your home came with an unfinished basement that’s just being used for storage or not being used at all, you’re wasting valuable space! From home theaters to secondary family rooms, additional bedrooms, and more, a finished basement can open up your home to an unlimited number of possibilities. Finished basements are also a great way to section off portions of the house and make a miniature apartment for kids, elderly relatives, or even as a space to rent out if you’re looking to make some extra income.

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Other Services We Provide Include:

Demolition available with Forest St. Builders - Residential Contractor Denver

Demolition and Excavation

Expert Service

Whether you’re breaking ground on a new build or setting the stage for a major change, Forest St. Builders LLC can coordinate a full or partial demolition and excavation. We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With a complete residential design & construction job from Forest St. Building, clients know exactly what to expect — professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

Concrete and Flatwork available with Forest St. Builders - Residential Contractor Denver

Concrete & Flatwork

Always Prepared

Forest St. Builders have years of experience with basements, crawlspaces, retaining walls, and slabs as well as exterior walkways and patios — including heated options! From basements to any flatwork needs, the Forest St. Builders team is prepared to get your concrete or and flatwork from planning to execution quickly, professionally, and accurately, according to the exact specifications we’ve outlined for you!

Framing available with Forest St. Builders - Residential Contractor Denver


Attention to Detail

Our framers are knowledgeable and accomplished. Speed, accuracy, and the final product has separated this crew from the others time and time again. Our detail-oriented framers are framers by trade, and years of detailed work has made them skilled, quick, and precise artists that stand head and shoulders above everyone else.

Drywall available with Forest St. Builders - Residential Contractor Denver


Fully Insured

Forest St. Builders is committed to getting the job done correctly and on time. We have a terrific team of hangers and finishers, capable of doing everything from large commercial projects to small repairs. Every texture to a level 5 smooth wall is a possibility, including removal of popcorn ceilings.

Roofing available with Forest St. Builders - Residential Contractor Denver


Expert Service

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. We can do metal, tile, and even asphalt roofs.

Finished Basement by Forest St. Builders - Residential Contractors Denver

Basement Finishing

Whether it be a crawlspace, a dirt floor, or an unfinished area, we have the ability to turn any space into an enjoyable and usable space outfitted with all the luxuries of any house.

Custom Closet by Forest St. Builders - Residential Contractors Denver

Custom Closets

With years of experience and outfitted with the latest technology, we have the ability to outfit that new closet or turn a new space into an efficient work of art.

Steel Work by Forest St. Builders - Residential Contractors Denver

Custom Steel Work

Our talented and creative steel crew has the ability to build a steel structure for a house, a detailed staircase and handrail, and just about anything in between!

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