5 Steps To Making Your Dream Home a Reality!

Knowing what to expect throughout the first stages of the house building process will make your experience more enjoyable, ensuring that every element of your dream home is realized.

Begin building your dream home with Forest St Builders and get steps closer to making it a reality!


Scouting A Future Site

The location of your dream house is crucial. The price of a home and the property value of a home may both be affected by the location you choose.

A crucial step forward is selecting a land site to build on. Consider things like the proximity to everyday essentials such as schools, shopping, restaurants, hospitals, etc. It’s also integral to choose a site that has the land you need. Do you want to build a workshop or install a pool?

Once you scout a site, it’s time to make an offer!


Choose the Best Builder

When it comes to selecting a builder, the possibilities might appear endless. Our Denver-based custom home contracting business works as a team and brings over 25 years of expertise, delivering the unrivaled quality of new home builds that can only be the work of Forest St Builders!


Establishing A Solid Team

There are many moving parts and pieces to building your dream home, so you need a solid team to manage the project. We are affiliated with a network of professionals that can turn your dream into a reality through architecture, interior design, landscaping, and beyond.



It’s essential to have a plan in place to finance your custom home build. From buying the plot of land to breaking ground on construction, a construction loan from the bank is typically how you pay for your custom home.

The builder is paid in draws, or installments that correspond with each stage — foundation work, plumbing, etc.

Once you’ve been approved for a construction loan, you can begin creating the home of your dreams with Forest St Builders.

Build With Us!

Building your ideal house should be fun and hassle-free, and we'll do everything we can to keep the process transparent while keeping you updated. From scouting land and financing to finding the best home builders in Denver, Forest St Builders is looking forward to working with you!