Should I Build a Single-Story Home?

As a custom home builder in Denver at Forest St. Builder, we have created many single-story homes for clients looking to take advantage of what they offer. Although there are many differences compared to a multi-story home, single-story options are just as good for families looking to make the most of their space. Read on to learn more about why you should build a single-story home, and contact us today for further assistance!


Cost Comparison

It may come as a surprise, but the cost to build a two-story home compared to a single-story home is not much different. Since multi-level homes require less foundation due to being taller, and their layout requires adequate use of space, costs per square foot tend to be similar to single-story properties. That said, single-story homes have the advantage of needing singular units, such as HVAC systems, which can save you money with initial costs and down the line!



Open floor plans are a popular option for home buyers, as it provides a bright and spacious living area that can be set up to the owner's desires. Single-story homes make the best use of their square footage, as there is no space wasted on stairs or additional home systems. Due to the home not having an upper level, you also have more design options when it comes to the ceiling, giving you access to create a stylish home.


Property Expansion Possibilities

Single-story homes often require a larger plot of land for construction due to having a larger footprint. This makes it easier to add expansions onto the home if ever need be, allowing you to add additional spaces, such as a sunroom or in-law suite.



Since single-story homes tend to have fewer rooms, fewer home systems, and greater use of space, meaning maintenance is far easier to handle than in multi-story properties.

Thinking about building a single-story home or any other type in the Denver area? Look no further than working alongside one of the best custom contractors in Denver, Forest St.Builders. Contact us today to get started.